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Welcome to Telenet Systems. We are one of India’s largest manufacturers of plastic optical fiber patchcords and related optoelectronic components/sub-assemblies used by academic and research institutions in India. We have now added a wide range of sub-assemblies that support optical transmission through glass fibers. Please feel free to browse our site.


Our staff at Telenet Systems greatly value doing business with you and appreciate any suggestions regarding our products.


You can contact us via email, telephone or postal mail and we will be glad to provide assistance to meet your business needs.


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Tester EPS04 (Eye Pattern):

Lab Manual 641KB

Tester ALS04 (Analog Link):

Lab Manual 540KB

Tester LPS04 (DC Study:

Lab Manual 562KB

Tester LPS04 (Loss Study):

Download 690KB

Tester MCS04 (Mode Study):

Download 3.54MB